MCARDGAME knows that you care about your privacy and the use of your personal information. This notice explains our Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy applies to information we collect about you from any source and in any way – through our Website, applications or other Internet-based interactions, in our retail stores.

We Collect the Following Personal Information about Guests:

Information You Give Us: We receive and store any information that you enter on our Website or that you provide to us in other ways. You can choose not to provide certain information, but this will limit your ability to buy products offered on the Website, or to take advantage of some features or promotions.

When you place an order with us online, in a store or in other ways, your contact information is used to communicate related information, such as order and delivery confirmations, changes in release dates and requests for further information to facilitate processing of your order. You can opt out of this communication by canceling your order.

We obtain information about you when you search, buy, participate in contests or questionnaires, or contact us or post information on our Website. For example, you provide information when searching for products; place an order through the Website or provide information to renew or create your account with us (you may have more than one account if you have used more than one email address when shopping with us); communicate with us by telephone, email or other; fill in the questionnaire or contest entry form; make a wish list or gift; participate in forums or discussion areas or any product reviews; or create alerts or other email notification services that we offer now or in the future. Information collected usually includes your name, address and telephone number; Credit Card Information; the people to whom the purchase has been shipped, including the address and telephone number; the review content that you provide; email to us; and other personal information that you provide to us or post on Websites.

Information that we receive or can determine from your interactions with our Website includes your Internet (IP) address; login and password information; email address; web browser type and version; preferred language; geographical location using IP or GPS addresses, wireless, or Bluetooth technology on your device; operating system and computer platform; purchase history, which we can collect with similar information from other guests or be stored in a non-aggregate form; Clickstream Uniformstream Locator Resource (URL) to, through and from our website, including date and time; one or more unique identifiers; the product you are looking at or looking for; areas of our Website that you visit; and the telephone number you use to call our toll-free number. We can also record the length of time of your visit and the number of times you visit and buy from us. We assign you one or more unique identifiers to help track your visit in the future. This data will usually be deleted after 90 days. You contact us at if you wish to request changes or deletions of the information collected.

Cellular location services: Certain stores can also collect and use location information from mobile devices. Location information allows us to learn more about how guests use our store to improve guest experience and, under certain circumstances, send push notifications and other content to your mobile device when you are near, enter and move through our store, and send or provide you with promotional offers and information that we believe may be of interest to you. You can prevent or limit the collection of location information by turning off your mobile device or antenna, such as WiFi or Bluetooth, and opting out of location services on your device.


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